Kind hearted dad Dylan Saxby has created an amazing sixth birthday present for his daughter Ella - a street all her own reached through a magic wardrobe door.

The wardrobe door leading to a magic world will be familiar to fans of the Narnia books.

But this is the 2020s and Dylan set out to recreate Daigon Alley from the Harry Potter books with Ella's street.

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The idea first struck him back in April when as part of an extension to his Windsor home, a long thin room was created parallel to the kitchen and leading to the garden.

As lockdown kept people increasingly confined to their homes Dylan spent months creating Ella's magic street in the room.

He said: "I got the wood from a wood merchant and a friend who works for Pinewood Studios cut out the shop front forms."

The street he created is about 4.2 by 1.4 metres.

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The shops are about the size of an average adult. There is a book shop with a special reading nook Ella can reach with a ladder, a 'secret pen' shop, a 'Quidditch' shop inspired by the famous game played by Harry Potter, an 'owl' shop, even an ice cream parlour - particularly important as Ella loves visiting ice-cream parlours with her mum Laura.

Dylan, 42, who is a business analyst at the Waitrose head office in Bracknell, said: "Ella was astounded when she saw the street finished. She said 'can we keep this forever'?

"Playing in it all weekend ended up being more tiring than building it."

There is still one more treat to come for Ella.

A final shop selling toys, sweets and jokes - which Dylan intends to 'open' for the first time at Christmas.

Of course the famous wardrobe door leading to the street was vital.

Dylan said: "It came from upstairs. There are four bedrooms and it was spare."