The most dangerous streets in Slough have been revealed.

Statistics for the latest month available (September) reveals that 460 crimes were reported in Slough.

Police.UK shows where each of the crimes were reported and display a break down of every street and every specific area.

Most dangerous streets

1. Slough High Street (16 crimes reported in September)

16 crimes were reported in the High Street in September 2020.

Of these, the most common was anti-social behaviour (nine) followed by 'other crimes' (three).

There was two reports of both vehicle crime and violence and sexual offences.

2. Ragstone Road (15 crimes reported in September)

Throughout September, a total of 15 crimes were reported in Ragstone Road.

Nine of the reports were violence and sexual offences, with three being defines as 'other crimes.

Two reports of criminal damage and arson were made, with one report of anti-social behaviour.

3. Wexham Road (ten crimes reported in September)

Wexham Road saw a total of ten reported crimes throughout September.

In total, six of the reports were related to anti-social behaviour, two related to vehicle crime and one report of both vehicle crime and 'other crimes' were made.

4. Hencroft Street South (Nine crimes reported in September)

Nine crimes were reported in Hencroft Street South in September.

Five related to violence and sexual crimes, three related to criminal damage and arson and one report of drugs offences were made.

5. Hartland Close and Upton Park

Eight reports of crimes were made in both Upton Park and Hartlands Close.