Worried parents fearing lockdown will cut off their lifeline have been reassured that the children's hospice at Snowball Hill is to carry on providing its vital services.

Many parents have distressing memories of the first lockdown when the newly built hospice in Maidenhead shut its doors for three months.

Since its reopening in June the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service charity that built the hospice has brought in social distancing and infection prevention measures, that will allow it to continue welcoming children with life limiting conditions through its doors throughout the latest lockdown.

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Services it provides include music therapy, swings and a trampoline that children in wheelchairs can use - not to mention 'splash therapy' in the pool.

Marketing manager Susie Patterson said: "Some of the children can't go to ordinary pools. But for a children who can't move the feeling of being weightless in water in wonderful."

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Fiona Devine, CEO and co-founder of Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service, said: “It is an extremely challenging time for everyone, none more so than the children and families that rely on children’s hospice services like ours.

"But one less thing our families need not worry about is that they will continue to have our full support. Indeed over the coming months we will be extending our support, offering even more care to make sure they will not be alone.

“For the foreseeable future we know it is going to be extremely challenging to raise the money we need. We are so humbled by the number of people that have reached out to us over the course of this year to help us and we really could not do what we do without this support.

"Whether regular or one-off, all these generous donations have make a real difference to the children and families that we support. They are directly helping to keep our vital and lifeline service going and make sure we can continue to reach out to those that need us.”

Visit www.alexanderdevine.org/give for more details on how to donate.