A LEADING headteacher in Slough has attacked 'serious failings' by the Government as she tries to 'second guess' how next year's crucial exams will work.

Joanne Rockall, head teacher at Herschel Grammar School is Northampton Avenue, supports the increasingly angry grassroots campaign group Worth Less? which has no political affiliation and is comprised of headteachers working in thousands of schools across over 80 local authorities and London boroughs.

In a letter to Slough's MP Tan Dhesi - who sits on the opposition benches in the Commons - she says: "Over time we have become increasingly disillusioned by a persistent lack of effective and credible leadership emanating from the Department for Education.

"Most worryingly of all, has been the inability of ministers at the Department for Education to liaise with headteachers working ‘on the ground’.

"On three occasions, we have written directly to the Secretary of State for Education and copied in the Schools Minister signalling important concerns. Sadly, we have not received an acknowledgement for any of our correspondence. It is difficult to understand why highly skilled professionals are not being listened to and engaged with at a time of national crisis."

She says teachers are now halfway through the first term of the new academic year with no idea what form next year's GCSE, A-level and SATs will take.

She warns there has been no consistent information about rates of infections in schools and a lack of clarity relating to the use of personal protection equipment.

A failure to provide sufficient laptops for pupils who must work at home is also criticised in her letter.

She welcomes the U-turn on free school meals funding but says it only came after a period of 'original ill-judged and insensitive decision making which is unfortunately seen as typical'.

Ms Rockall is one of hundreds of headteachers across the country who have written to their school’s local constituent’s MPs in over 80 local authorities and London boroughs requesting urgent help.