Slough's member of parliament Tan Dhesi has co-led a cross party meeting of 16 MPs and lords pressing for the long awaited four mile Western rail link between Langley/Iver and Heathrow to go ahead.

The Western Rail Link to Heathrow (WRLTH) would leave the main line between Langley and Iver, descending underneath the main railway line into a cutting and entering a 5km tunnel. The tunnel would pass under Richings Park and Colnbrook and then merge with existing rail lines underground at Heathrow Terminal 5.

The plan underwent public consultation in 2018 but is now due to undergo another bout of this in 2021. It would have to get final approval from the Secretary of State for Transport.

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The cross part meeting to support the scheme saw Newbury MP Laura Farris co-leading with Mr Dhesi.

Passengers would see journey times between Slough and Heathrow reduce to six minutes if the plan went ahead - with those travelling from Reading making it in just 26 minutes.

Supporters say it would give the economy a projected £800 million boost.

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It would remove the need for passengers travelling from the West to go first into London Paddington, making it a practical alternative to road travel, easing congestion and reducing emissions.

Mr Dhesi, who is shadow deputy minister for railways, said: “I’m delighted the Western Rail Link to Heathrow All Party Parliamentary Group met and pleased to see such excellent cross party support for this transformative project.

"Improving connectivity for my Slough constituents has been a priority of mine and I hope to see much more progress over the coming months to ensure the economic and environmental benefits of this scheme are realised.”