Traditional British blacksmiths are not so easy to find nowadays - but members of Old Windsor Parish Council were determined to find one.

Councillors had come up with the idea of three 'wrought iron' crowns to be positioned at the Albert Road, Straight Road roundabout leading into the village.

The council had received a small financial 'windfall' as a result of an S106 agreement, under which property developers have to contribute to the community as a condition when a planning development is agreed.

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The agreement in this case was that the money had to be used for an artistic or heritage purpose.

They did not have to look far to find the man to do it - Eddy Badder at the Blacksmith Shop in Sutton Lane, Langley.

Parish council chairman Jane Dawson said: "We worked closely with the Blacksmith Shop to get the concept right. A local artist came up with the design and the blacksmith forged them out of steel.

"The crowns were agreed upon after a brainstorming session and represent the parish, the Great Park and the village itself."

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She said that villagers loved the crowns and had been coming into the Community Hub in St Luke's Road to say so.

The Blacksmith Shop is a family business and the situation is best summed up Eddy Badder himself, who said: "Old Windsor Parish Council came to us with a wonderful crazy idea for three floating crowns in the middle of the roundabout, I think it has surprised everyone how well this has worked out."