A Slough GP and her 13-year-old daughter are raising money to help a football loving 12-year-old boy in Morocco beat cancer.

Doctor Saloua Ribani and her family often visited her sister in Morocco for holidays. Through her they became friends with football loving triplet Binn Aissa who is the same age as Doctor Ribani's daughter Yusra.

The children spent happy hoiurs together.

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But now Binn Aissa is struggling with shoulder/arm osteosarcoma, the most common form of bone cancer in children and adolescents.

Tragically while he was having three months of chemotherapy prior to an operation to save his limb, his mother Hanane was diagnosed with an aggressive gastric cancer called adenocarcinoma.

Then last month Binn Aissa’s father caught Covid19, fell into a coma and had a stroke. He is now unable to move the right side of his body and is still in hospital far away from his family.

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Doctor Ribani, a locum GP who lives in Farnham Road with her husband and children, said: "Before Covid19, my children used to hang out with the triplets (BA, his brother Kacem and his sister Titima) during the Summer holidays in Morocco.

"They are a very humble, caring, friendly and loving family.

This family is going through an incredible amount of hardship. We cannot even begin to imagine the difficulties they are facing, nor how Hanane and BA are staying positive through these unprecedented times.

"BA has a passion for football and throughout his chemotherapy, he continued to involve himself in football matches and supported his team even when he found it hard.

We would like to do whatever we can to help and support them in these difficult times."

Yusra has started a GoFundMe account and hope to raise £15,000 to fund Binn Aissa's treatment.

She said: "I remember us all together splashing in the pool. I hope we can all be together again one day chasing each other on the beach like we used to."

Binn Aissa has just undergone a major operation and the surgeon was able to save his arm but he faces further extensive treatment.

To view the GoFundMe visit https://uk.gf.me/v/c/3fq7/stronger-than-cancer-stronger-together