THE police have revealed how many crimes took place across Maidenhead in the past two months.

At a Maidenhead town forum on November 17 (Tuesday), Inspector Tracey Croucher updated panel members on the number of recorded crimes from September 1 to November 16.

Almost all the figures are lower than last year partly due to people staying at home and off the streets because of lockdown and the pandemic.

The figures have been split from Maidenhead central, west, and south.

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Residential burglaries

Central – Seven. Last year reported 14.

South – 18. Last year reported 28.

West – 14. Last year reported 13.

Theft from motor vehicles

Central – 19. Last year reported 15.

South – 28. Last year reported 38.

West – 18. Last year reported 38.

Bicycle thefts

Central – Four. Last year reported eight.

Figures were only given for central as that’s where “the main problem is”, according to the inspector.

Criminal damage

Central – 29. Last year reported 53.

South – 18. Last year reported 48.

West – 26. Last year reported 41.

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Insp Croucher said: “Apart from Covid, that’s quite a rosy picture really. It’s nice to see so many fewer victims of crime – which is what’s behind all of those figures.

“There’s a victim behind every single one of those and we’re fully aware of that – which is what drives us to work so hard to reduce them.”

Panel members were informed the force and the neighbourhood watch use a 24/7 patrol car, known as the ‘Covid car’, to respond to restriction breaches as well as using it to engage with the community.

The police have also been targeting fines to people who have been ‘blatantly’ disregarding the national guidance.

Insp Croucher said: “I have to say, Windsor and Maidenhead have been absolutely fantastic at helping us to prevent the spread of the disease by complying with the things in place.

“Some people said it breaches their rights – but still, a vast majority of people realised that we just need to stop the spread of the disease and most people seem to be doing their bit for that.”

She added during Halloween and bomb fire night, she was expecting “full of rebels” those nights – but saw great community spirit instead with not as many anti-social behaviour compared to last year.