A former Langley Academy student who is the first person from her school to go to Oxford University, has found rents so high she is crowdfunding a VAN to live in.

Chloe Jacobs, 22, who is now in her third year, has struggled to survive expensive living costs ever since her first year.

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The English Literature student has now chosen to defer her final year after months of anxiety and stress over rent prices she can't afford.

She is now raising money for a camper van to live in and has so raised over £1,300 cannot believe the support she's received.

She said: "Within a day of setting up the GoFundMe I'd reached my £500 target so I put it up to £1,000 thinking this was ridiculous but it's been up for a week, and it's gone past £1,300 through the generosity of those around me and friends of friends.''

Chloe is the first person from her family to go to university, and first from her school, Langley Academy to go to Oxford or Cambridge.

She said problems started when her family were evicted from their home in Slough.

She continued: “At the end of my first term in Oxford, my family in Slough was told they would be evicted due to the financial trouble they found themselves in.

"At Easter, I went back to essentially pack up my home for storage while my family was evicted and put into a hostel for six weeks.

"I then went back to university accommodation while my family got moved out of the temporary housing, and because I was classed as an adult at university, my family got moved into a three-bedroom house in Slough, meaning there was only room for my mum, brother and sister.

"When I came home, my mum would get a second-hand sofa bed just so I could stay over."

Chloe has worked jobs in just about every sector, including nasal spray testing, teaching in China and within the Globe Education Department in London.

She said: "It's just so draining.

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"This has been going on for three years now.

"During the pandemic I went home to be with family while everyone was self-isolating and spent six months living in my living room surrounded by boxes.

"During the holidays we can't just relax. We have to write essays and do other forms of work.

“Oxford said it's only called a 'vacation' because you technically vacate your room."

Chloe explained that, because terms at Oxford are shorter than the majority of other universities, she was often left scrambling for a spare room wherever she could find one.

Chloe said Oxford students are technically in university for only six months of the year, forcing the scholarship-winner to stretch her money even further - racking up significant debt in the process.

She continued: “Oxford is a breeding ground for a lot of privilege and has a long way to go - but one of the good things is that because it's a an old university with deep pockets you can receive help.

"It does sometimes make me feel like a scrounger.

“On paper I'm really well taken care of but only if I was living away from home for six months of the year.

"I'm so stressed out impractically having an anxiety attack every day.

"The college allows students to stay over but that costs money and doubles the accommodation costs you initially expect to pay.

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"Quite often I found myself moving from room to room as during the vacation, the college will hold summer schools, conferences, and events, which require rooms.

“That would make it very hard to settle and feel safe and comfortable.

With home prices in Oxford rising Chloe has explored the idea of a house share - but has been put off by the lack of a long-term plan.

"I was looking into other rented houses but moving in with other people during the middle of a pandemic didn't seem very appealing to me.

"The combination of the cost of living, the constant moving around and packing all the time, and not having a place to call my own led to this decision.

Chloe has been a fan of tiny homes and camper vans for some time and hopes to eventually own what she calls a 'stealth van.'

On the outside she would own an average van, but inside she hopes to own a cosy looking living area that could be easily managed and used as transportation - providing she passes her driving test.

To visit the GoFundMe page, go to www.gofundme.com/f/4k865-building-a-tiny-house.