Flocks of swans are being closely monitored across Berkshire in light of recent avian flu cases, a swan charity has said.

Swan Support is reassuring residents that although there are no reported avian flu cases in the Thames Valley area, they are still keeping a close eye.

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The Berkshire charity said: "You may have read recent reports of an outbreak of avian flu in the UK.

"As far as we are aware it is not in the Thames Valley area, but our volunteers have been monitoring the flocks at Windsor and Reading."

Cases of Avian flu were seen in 2018 when the charity dealt with a flock of swans in Windsor.

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Swan Support added: "As we have experience with bird flu, having dealt with it in the Windsor flock in 2018, we are the designated charity should there be an outbreak in the area.

"We have been working closely with other relevant authorities and local councils including the Swan Sanctuary at Shepperton. It is imperative that any swan death is dealt with in accordance with strict protocols.