An online petition calling for the Royal Borough to scrap plans to get rid of weekly black bin collections has attracted more than 2,000 signatures.

The online petition was started by former councillor Ed Wilson after Windsor and Maidenhead Council included plans to drop the weekly collection as part of their budget for 2021/22. The proposal would see no reduction in landfill waste but it would net the Royal Borough a saving of £175,000.

In July the council responded to a petition to restore weekly bin collections after Covid by promising that 'we will be returning to a weekly collection service for food, waste and recycling, alongside the fortnightly garden waste collections'.

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Significant complaints followed the reintroduction of weekly collections in August and the Council’s waste contractor Serco issued a formal apology for its poor service levels.

Mr Wilson said: “Our council promised to reinstate weekly collections in July, messed them up in August and September then a few weeks later they tell us that we don’t need weekly black bin collections after all. Residents don’t know what the council’s real intentions are and who could blame them? For me this is the first step to scrapping weekly bin collections in the Royal Borough."

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Mr Wilson is planning to force a full debate on his petition at the earliest opportunity. .

The petition can be found on the Royal Borough website at