RECENT weeks have seen below freezing temperatures in Slough and Windsor, but now numbers are soaring into around 15 degrees in some places - is this the start of spring?

After seeing snowy spells this month, the last week in particular was bitterly cold, with icy winds and temperatures hitting -4 degrees at some points.

Now that the weather seems to be changing again, we have rounded up everything the experts have said we can expect in Slough for the next couple of weeks.

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Today (Tuesday, February 16)

After murky start this morning with patchy rain, it will begin to brighten up into the afternoon.

Temperatures will also begin too feel much milder.

Some brighter skies will develop in western parts, but there is a chance of brief, heavy showers in Slough late afternoon.

The maximum temperature for today will be 10 °C.


Any lingering rain should clear the east this evening with showers following close by.

It will become dry and clear by midnight, but cloud will once again build from the west overnight.

The minimum temperature will be 6 °C.


Wednesday will see another mild and murky start, with rain and cloud slow to clear.

It will be dry for a time before further cloud and rain arrive from the southwest in the afternoon.

The maximum temperature will be 11 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

It will remain rather changeable and often windy, with rain possible each day.

Bright or sunny interludes remain likely.

It will be mild by day but chilly on Thursday night, with isolated frosts possible.

The highest temperatures this week in Slough will start on the weekend, with temperatures expected to hit 13°C.

Berkshire weather

Berkshire weather

This is likely to remain the case for the rest of February and into early March.

According to the Met Office, the coming weeks will stay mostly dry and bright in Slough and Windsor.

Going into the following week this pattern looks to continue, with a broad northwest-southeast split to the weather.

The northwest is more likely to see rainfall and strong winds at times, and the southeast is more likely to remain dry, fine, and settled.

By the end of February and into early March most of the UK will probably turn dry as high pressure becomes dominant, although overnight fog will start to become more likely.

Temperatures are likely to be mild or very mild across the UK through this period, possibly only becoming colder at the turn of the month.

Will there be more snow?

Snow in Berkshire, early February

Snow in Berkshire, early February

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In some areas of the UK, snow may return.

Between March 2 - 16, there is a signal for higher than average pressure, with dry and settled conditions most likely.

Temperatures are predicted to be a little below average at the start of the period, slightly increasing the chances of cold spells occurring.

During this time there looks to be an increased likelihood of overnight frosts and a risk of wintry hazards, such as snow and ice.

But towards mid-March there are signs of a change to more unsettled and milder conditions.