DRIVERS who just can’t park their cars correctly continue to amaze our readers – and this time, the examples of bad parking are even worse than before!

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Our readers were fed-up with bad parking when we asked them to send us their pictures at the end of last month, but now they’re furious – leaving notes under the windscreen wipers of errant vehicles, and shaming the most inconveniently parked motorists.

Among the worst offenders this time is a van, which reportedly parked in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge.

Slough Observer:

The photographer who spotted the van said: "A driver using a blue badge bay without displaying a blue badge in the car park at Elmshot Lane in Cippenham. When I challenged the driver about his parking he laughed at walked away telling me it’s no big deal."

Delivery drivers have also caused a stir in Slough by parking on pavements. 

Slough Observer:

A car in Slough also decided to park on the pavement. 

Slough Observer:

Slough High Street has also built a name for itself with some of the 'worst parking offenders'.

One resident sent in a photo captioned: "The only town in England where the double yellow line means free parking. Slough High ST."

Slough Observer:

This driver decided to park their car in this strange position. 

Slough Observer:

One trucks has decided to use a quiet residential street to park up. 

Slough Observer:

The resident said: "Huge trucks hgvs parked on Whitby Road, Slough. Legally they are meant to have a hard to park their vehicle but this has been her for the past 3-4 years now. Unable to use footpath."

Have you seen worse examples of parking than this? Can you top not only these offenders but our last batch of bad apples?

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