SLOUGH has been named as one of the UK's worst towns for a good night's sleep.

A new study by Sleepseeker has looked at the number of noise complaints and nighttime noise levels for areas across the country.

Researchers also looked at the levels of sky brightness and people's anxiety levels, which gave areas an overall sleep forecast score out of 100 to discover the best and worst towns for getting a good night’s sleep.

Slough ranks as the third-worst town for sleep with a sleep forecast score of 61 per cent. 

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The town scored second-highest for noise levels with 16.1 per cent of the population exposed to some level of noise.

This topped cities such as Manchester and Leeds.

Slough is the lowest on noise complaints, with just 3 complaints per 1,000 population, while Stockton-on-Tees faces an irksome 13.5 noise complaints per 1,000 population.

Slough Observer:

Salford scored the worst on nighttime noise with 23.5 per cent of its population exposed to traffic noise of 55 dB(A) or more while only 2.6% of the population in Hartlepool encounter nighttime noise in the UK. 

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Noise pollution data comes from Public Health England with the number of complaints about noise per 1,000 population and the percentage of the population exposed to road, rail and air transport noise of 55 dB(A) or more during the night.

Sleepseeker said the scores are taken at a county and local authority level and are then applied to the relevant city in the data.

Light pollution data comes from the Light Pollution Map with the figures used representing the sky quality meter scores which range from 16-22 magnitude/square arc second with 16 indicating a brighter sky and 22 indicating a darker sky.

Slough also tops the charts for high light pollution levels with a brightness magnitude of 18.77 per square arcsecond.