DEVELOPERS of a major housing project in Maidenhead town centre will go down the public inquiry route if the remaining landowners don’t sell up.

In February, the Observer reported development management company HUB ‘allowed time’ in their programme for a public inquiry if challenged by the leaseholders on the Landing site following a compulsory purchase order, which forces homeowners to sell up their property if it obstructs a regeneration project, made by the council last September.

The 3.5 acre Landing site – which is bordered by Queen Street, King Street, and Broadway – was approved in 2019 for 424 homes, a new office building, car parking, retail, and new public space.

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At a Maidenhead town forum on Wednesday, March 31, Barbara Richardson, managing director of the council’s property company, confirmed a three to four-day public inquiry will be held with the developers and the two remaining property owners if an agreement has not been met.

If the public inquiry takes place on either June 28 or 29, the inspector will decide at the end of the inquiry day and award what they feel is the right amount of compensation to the landowners.

As soon as that is ended, HUB will start the Landing project at the end of July.

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Councillor Gurch Singh (Lib Dem: St Mary’s) said he heard rumours of funding issues on the Landing and asked if the developers sorted it out and are ready to start developing the site.

Barbara Richardson responded: “It’s very difficult for me to comment on somebody else’s funding issues, but my understanding and the reassurance HUB have given me is that the funding is ready to go.

“They just need the outcome of the public inquiry before they can start on site.”