More and more people are considering new places to move to and with Slough having great transport links and work opportunities, we asked readers why this is the case.

Slough is full of green spaces, diversity and a business hub dubbed as the largest industrial estate in Europe.

The community across the borough proves to be very strong, with the pandemic shining a light on how selfless and caring residents are towards one another.

We asked our Observer readers what they love the most about Slough and why it is nice place to live in.

The stories and thoughts you have shared have been wonderful!

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Slough Observer:

Although some people have criticised their place of birth, many residents were happy to show how the town helped them be who they are today.

Susan Cornish said: "Slough has been very good to me and my and my family we have always had work and have been able to buy our own homes, pay our bills."

David Quilter said: "I live in Slough and very happy. Sorry some people have left and feel bitter about a place that maybe did not go there way. Lots of fresh clean leisure parks and centres. Slough evolves and the future is exciting.

"New shopping centre on the horizon. Lots of new affordable homes for families. Happy people in my experience live here."

Kavasha Kander said: "I lived and worked in Slough for many years. Slough Rotary is a wonderful example of people getting together to make Slough, and the world, a better place and is a piece of Slough’s history."

Jezzer Windeatt: "Slough has got bad name but it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I've lived there for 16 yrs the high street is a sh****** but it does have nice parks. It's a shame it has the tagline the toilet bowl of Berkshire."

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Liza Lambert said: "We have lovely places to walk, down by the jubilee, we're close to Burnham beeches and Windsor , plenty of retail parks for shopping although the high street is not a place I would go anymore which is sad as it used to have everything back in the day now it’s horrendous. Oh and plenty of jobs."

The Jacket Potato stall

Slough Observer:

Joanna Brades said: "I love Slough for the jacket potatoes stall in town.... simply the best I've ever had. I used to get them weekly."

Louise Honeywell: "The jacket potato man is a group of three friends and they have had it since I was a teenager over 20 years ago. I used to have one every day and I lost loads of weight too."

Bernadette Byrne echoed this and said: "Jacket potato stall been going there for over 20 years."

Some people have expressed opposite opinions about Slough and how much they want to avoid the place.

Dan Jones said: "The train station that helps you escape."

Kieran McKenzie echoed this and said: "The best thing about Slough is leaving the place."

Claire Cornell Hodge added: "When I was growing up in the 70's it was lovely now I avoid it at all costs."

Martin Tilby summed up his view about Slough and said: "No matter where you go every Town has is it positives and negatives.

"Plus I've been in a lot more nasty places than Slough."