A 'SAD' looking Labrador found wandering the streets of Slough has been given a second chance at life.

Slough Borough Council notified residents about a chocolate Labrador dog found by herself in Common Road, Slough.

READ THIS: 'Sad' chocolate Labrador found wandering streets of Slough

The poor girl was living in "dirty and unsuitable conditions" leaving her with deformed feet and severe skin irritation and sores.

She also showed signs of having multiple pregnancies.

After she was taken in for a veterinary examination, she was given medical treatment and shelter.

Since then, the Labrador has been rehomed and is living with a new family.

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The council said: "Since we publicised the story of the Chocolate Labrador found in Common Road, Slough last week we have been inundated with extremely kind offers of donations, fostering and rehoming.

"It has been incredible how generous people have been and the response has been absolutely amazing, so amazing that it quickly became impossible to answer everyone individually.

"So to update everyone who contacted us and who is interested, we can now confirm the Labrador has been released from veterinary care and has started her new life in a loving home. Once again we would like to thank everyone who has come forward."