FIGURES for all the anti-social behaviour offences in Berkshire’s towns have been released. 

Anti-social behaviour, according to Metropolitan Police, is behaviour that causes harassment, alarm, or distress to another person. 

It can include crimes such as littering, trespassing, street drinking, rowdy behaviour, nuisance noise and more. 

Data from has revealed which part of the royal county suffers most from these particular offences.

Bracknell (Central South)

Police received 36 reports of anti-social behaviour in this part of Bracknell, which covers Wildridings, Easthampstead, Jennett’s Park and Birch Hill. 

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This came as part of 183 crimes reported over the course of March. 

This means just under 19.7 per cent of all crimes reported in Bracknell Central South were anti-social behaviour offences. 

Slough Observer: Image via TVPImage via TVP


Abbey and Battle -- the central ward in Reading -- saw 386 crimes reported to police in March. 

Of these, 45 were anti-social behaviour offences. 

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This means 11.7 per cent of all crimes reported in this area were anti-social behaviour crimes. 

Slough Observer: Image via TVPImage via TVP


Marginally fewer crimes were reported to police from Wokingham in March 2021, with 131 crimes noted. 

Anti-social behaviour offences made up 22 of these. 

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This means 16.8 per cent of all reported crimes were anti-social behaviour-related.

Slough Observer: Image via TVPImage via TVP


Head east, and even fewer crimes were reported to Thames Valley Police. 

115 offences were recorded in March 2021, with 13 of these being anti-social behaviour-related. 

This gives a ratio of 11.3 per cent. 

Slough Observer: Image via TVPImage via TVP


But if you head even further east, crime shoots up in Slough. 

Thames Valley Police recorded 396 crimes in this area in March 2021. 

59 of these were related to anti-social behaviour, giving a percentage of 14.9 per cent. 

Slough Observer:

Maidenhead and Newbury

In the royal borough, 201 crimes were reported in Maidenhead in March 2021. 

Sadly, police data hasn’t recorded how many of these related to anti-social behaviour. 

This is the same for Newbury, where 99 crimes were reported in this month. 

The results

Here’s which town recorded the most anti-social behaviour crime in March 2021 (represented as a percentage)

1 - Bracknell - 19.7 per cent

2 - Wokingham 16.8 per cent

3 - Slough - 14.9 per cent

4 - Reading - 11.7 per cent

5- Windsor - 11.3 per cent

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