Last week, we examined the ten most expensive streets in Slough to live in, based on data taken from property website Zoopla.

The average house price in Slough was £433,689 in the last 12 months, out of a total of 690 sales.

The current average value of a property in the town stood at £370,613, according to Zoopla estimates.

Below is a list of the ten cheapest streets in Slough, based on the the average price paid over the last 12 months.

1. Blair Road, Slough

Average price paid: £110,000

2. Grays Place, Slough

Average price paid: £110,000

3. Mill Street, Slough

Average price paid: £120,000 

4. Pursers Court, Slough

Average price paid: £120,000

5. Alexandra Road, Slough

Average price paid: £136,786

6. Park Street, Slough

Average price paid: £137,500

7. Heron Drive, Langley

Average price paid: £155,000

8. Greystoke Road, Slough

Average price paid: £155,000

9. Hencroft Street South, Slough

Average price paid: £155,000

10. Worcester Gardens, Slough

Average price paid: £160,000

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The property website also has listed streets in Slough based on the estimated values of properties on those roads.

Below are the ten cheapest roads, based on this value.

1. Topaz Close, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £126,000

2. Venus Close, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £137,000

3. Queens Court, Queens Road, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £146,000

4. Franklin Avenue, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £148,000

5. Cherwell Close, Langley

Zoopla estimate: £152,000

6. Sir Robert Mews, Langley

Zoopla estimate: £154,000

7. Wexham Road, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £158,000

8. Faraday Road, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £160,000

9. Bradley Road, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £161,000

10. Wellesley Road, Slough

Zoopla estimate: £162,000