Contentious plans for a new traveller site in Datchet have been given the green light.

The new site will consist of six residential pitches, three semi-detached amenity buildings, one wardens block and a play area and will be built on land at the rear of 270 Horton Road.

Each of the residential pitches will consist of one caravan.

There will parking provision for up to 2 vehicles per pitch on the site.

Access to the site will be reached by the current road.

The site was previously used a Gypsy and Traveller caravan site run by the former Eton Rural District Council.

Arguing why the plans should be grated, developers initially wrote: "There is evidence of a clear need for further sites for Gypsies and Travellers, a fact evidenced through a Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment.

"There is also clear evidence that notwithstanding a thorough Borough-wide search of some 90 sites, this site performed the best against standardised site scoring criteria.

"The issue of food risk has been met by the FRA as accepted in the 2020 DL.

"Given that the Panel approved the previous incarnation of this application in relation to far larger proposal, for consistency’ sake, planning permission subject to reasonable conditions, should be granted."

On the planning application online, a total of 12 objections to the proposals were submitted to the council, claiming the development was an 'inappropriate' use of the land.

Despite the concerns, the council have granted permission to proceed ahead with the new development.