DEADLY exchanges in Gaza has sparked calls from Slough’s MP for the UK government to condemn the ‘appalling’ attacks.

On Monday, militants in Palestine, Hamas, fired rockets into Israel after days of escalating tensions and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police in the district of Sheikh Jarrah, where Palestinian families face eviction from Jewish settlers.

Violence escalated with Israel responding with air raids on the Gaza Strip, which triggered the UN fearing a “full-scale war”.

At least 67 people in Gaza and seven people in Israel have been killed.

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Following the deadly exchanges, Slough’s MP Tan Dhesi sent an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressing his, as well as ‘hundreds’ of his constituents, ‘concerns’ about the violence and forced evictions imposed on Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah.

He revealed Slough residents have contacted him, sharing their ‘anxieties’ and are calling for action to be taken to end the violence through sanctions and international action.

Tan Dhesi\s letter to Boris Johnson

Tan Dhesi\'s letter to Boris Johnson

Mr Dhesi asked Mr Johnson if the UK government will ‘categorically condemn’ the ‘appalling’ attacks.

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In the letter, the Labour MP wrote: “I would also be grateful if you [Mr Johnson] could outline what representations the UK Government will be making to Israel to de-escalate tensions and what collective international actions are you intending to spearhead in response to the illegal annexation of this Palestinian land, as outlined by the recent Human Rights Watch report?

“We all want lasting peace, so that a peaceful and secure Israel can exist side by side with a free and thriving Palestine.

“So, we must impress upon those in authority to do everything possible to de-escalate tensions.”