A 96-year-old Bucks woman died in a care home after choking on a Brussels sprout.

Sheila Colls, who was originally from Slough but lived in Swarthmore Care Home in Gerrards Cross, passed away on January 31, an inquest at Beaconsfield Coroners Court heard.

The court heard how Ms Colls, a retired secretary, was in bed when she was served her lunch in her room at the care home at around 12.40pm.

Four minutes later, staff noticed that she was ringing her bell, and rushed to help her when they saw she was choking.

While an ambulance was on the way, staff attempted to slap Ms Colls on the back and tried the Heimlich manoeuvre to dislodge the food.

As she was choking, Ms Colls also went into cardiac arrest, and as the staff were performing CPR, the Brussels sprout dislodged itself.

Unfortunately, the ambulance and air ambulance crews who arrived were unable to save her, and she was pronounced dead at 2.10pm.

Before the incident, Ms Colls was in bed with her favourite blanket, listening to Radio 4.

At the inquest, Coroner Crispin Butler ruled the death of Ms Colls was caused by accidental acute airway obstruction.

He said: ”A choking event could be in some circumstances reversible but not here. It is quite right that CPR was undertaken.

“Although she was of some age, it’s quite clear that the actual incident was accidental.”