A DOZEN criminals were sentenced to more than 54 years in prison at Reading Crown Court last week.

Judges handed out jail terms to criminals who had committed sex offences, burglaries and a kidnapping.

Here’s who appeared in the dock last week.

May 21

Nikhil Lama, of Tomlinson Avenue, Luton was sentenced to three years and ten months’ imprisonment after he admitted to burgling a house in Windsor in July 2020.

The 23-year-old took a knife from the kitchen of the Priors Road address and proceeded to search the house.

Lama. Image via TVP

Lama. Image via TVP

A teenage girl was assaulted by Lama at the property when he punched her and tried to take her phone.

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He fled the property without taking anything.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Steven Baggaley said this was a “violent and abhorrent act.”

Brian Rutledge, of St Georges Walk, Gosport, was told he will serve up to nine years behind bars after he was convicted of non-recent sexual offences against a 15-year-old boy.

The 82-year-old who was a parish priest at a church in Reading, set up and ran a number of clubs for boys, and the victim was a member of one of these groups.

Reading Crown Court.

Reading Crown Court.

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He was found guilty by unanimous jury verdict of two counts of indecent assault on a boy under 16 and one count of buggery with a boy under 16 following a trial at Reading Crown Court.

Investigating Officer Detective Constable Neil Callaway said: “What Rutledge did was a complete abuse of his position within the Catholic church and the local community.

“He had no concern for his victim, only for his own gratification.

“He is now in prison where he belongs.”

May 24

Five were sent behind bars after being convicted of a ‘terrifying’ kidnap in August 2020.

Ruban Butt, of Long Readings Lane, Slough, was sentenced to the longest time in jail out of the five after he was given a seven-year term.

Ruban Butt. Image via TVP

Ruban Butt. Image via TVP

The 18-year-old helped kidnap a man before threatening him with a knife and stealing his uncle’s car.

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The others, including Aisha Butt, also of Long Readings Lane, Alasan Manneh, of Bromycroft Road, Slough, and Marcus West and Georgia Bayes, both of Lynch Hill Lane, Slough, were handed sentences ranging from one year and nine months in jail to five years in prison for their parts in the kidnapping and the false imprisonment.

Alasan Manneh. Image via TVP

Alasan Manneh. Image via TVP

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Abdi Awil, said: “This was a frightening incident for the victim who was taken against his will and subjected to multiple threats throughout the incident.

“I am pleased that all five individuals involved in this incident have been found guilty of their actions and have now been sentenced to time in jail.”

May 27

Dorin Manolache ‘ruined’ his and a woman’s life when he raped her in March of this year.

The 32-year-old, of Wantage Road, Reading, was handed six years in jail for his crime.

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Dorin Manolache. Image via TVP

Dorin Manolache. Image via TVP

A court heard how the rape survivor, who had “overcome serious [medical] challenges” in order to “live a normal life” by starting a family and getting a job, had been set back an “unimaginable degree” by the incident.

Sentencing, Judge Nott said: “In all my time on the bench I have never seen such harm flowing from a rape which hasn’t involved violence.

“You have ruined two lives; you have ruined your life and you have ruined hers.”

May 28

Thatcham man Robert Googe avoided jail despite being convicted of assault and admitting to stalking.

The 31-year-old was given a “chance” by Judge Edward Burgess QC despite carrying out a “campaign of harassment” against his former partner in late 2020 and early 2021.

Robert Googe walks free

Robert Googe walks free

Google, of Hermitage Green, grabbed her by the hair and led her out of the bedroom and threw her onto the floor.

He told her he would “strangle” her and “slit her throat”.

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After the incident, she changed her phone number and blocked him on all social media but Googe continued to email her using different addresses.

Sentencing, Judge Burgess said: “He continued: “I will take a chance on you.

“There is a lot more work that needs to be done for you to face up to your behaviour.

“You say you want to change – I will take your word for it.”

A family of ‘seasoned’ and ‘professional’ burglars were sent down for 17 years at Reading Crown Court last week.

Martin Stoakes, Patrick Cawley and John Cawley targeted ‘vulnerable’ and ‘elderly’ people in a string of burglaries from July 2020 to February 2021.

One victim included a 100-year-old with dementia.

Reading Crown Court.

Reading Crown Court.

Sentencing, Judge Edward Burgess QC said: “All three of you have quite dreadful criminal records.

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“I’m in no doubt you were targeting the homes of the vulnerable and the elderly.

“You are all seasoned and professional burglars in my judgement. There is nothing to distinguish between you.”

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