A KNIFEMAN has been jailed after he was taken down by a brave member of the public having already stabbed two women.

Piotr Malinowski, of Adelphi Gardens in Slough, will face years behind bars after he launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on his lodgers.

Two women were knifed in the stabbing that happened on December 28, 2020 - one woman stabbed several times in the neck and ear, and the other in the hands and legs.

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Reading Crown Court heard how Malinowski entered the bedroom of one of his lodgers, a woman in her fifties, at about 6.15pm.

The 35 year old admitted to stabbing her with a knife as she lay on her bed, the victim tried to protect herself with her arms and legs.

A second woman, another lodger also in her fifties, entered the bedroom after she heard screaming. Malinowski then stabbed the second woman in her neck multiple times as she crouched in fear. The court heard she did manage to flee back to her bedroom and lock herself in, while Malinowski continued stabbing at the door.

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During the violent commotion, the first victim was able to escape and raise the alarm with members of the public.

The members of the public took action and were able to get the attacker outside, before one of the brave samaritans knocked Malinowski over with a wheelie bin and took the knife off him.

Officers attended the scene and Malinowski was arrested, he was charged on December 30, 2020, and pleaded guilty on March 30, 2021.

At the hearing on May 28, Malinowski was sentenced to seven years in prison for two counts of GBH wounding with intent and one count of possession of a bladed article.

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Investigating officer, Detective Constable Emily Sendall, said: “This was a frightening and unprovoked on the two victims.

“I would like to commend both victims, they have shown incredible strength throughout and I would like to thank them for supporting our investigation, leading to the prosecution and imprisonment of Malinowski.

“Additionally, I would like to highlight the bravery of the member of the public who tackled the armed offender, putting the protection of others ahead of his own safety.”