ALMOST a thousand fewer cars were seized on the roads in the Thames Valley by police last year, new figures have revealed.

Officers confiscated 7,440 in total in 2020 -- an 11 per cent drop from the 8,432 seized in 2019.

Of the 7,440, 5,264 were taken under section 165a orders, which allow officers to pull a driver over if they had reasonable ground to believe they were uninsured or unlicensed to drive.

Another 1,296 were seized because the vehicles were not taxed.

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A further 844 were taken off the roads because officers believed they were required for evidential purposes in police investigations under the police and criminal evidence act 1984.

And 36 were seized because under the Police Reform Act, where police have grounds to remove the vehicle from the driver because of careless or inconsiderate driving.

Thames Valley Police often let members of the public know about their successful car seizures on social media.

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In Reading, a classic Rover 1975 was seized after its driver did not have insurance or a driving licence.

Another driver, who was disqualified from driving, tried to cover up the fact by giving his friend’s details.

The police saw through this and seized his van, sending the man to court, too.

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And last month in Maidenhead, a Mercedes sports car was taken off the roads after it was caught at ‘excess speed’ and because the driver did not have insurance.

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