A BREWERY is seeking to create a ‘unique’ onsite pub for customers to sample their beer – but neighbours are not happy with the plans.

The Windsor and Eton Brewery previously occupied three units right next to their building in Vansittart Estate, Duke Street, and have bought a fourth unit in January 2021.

They want to convert it into a tasting room for customers to sample their beers produced onsite in a ‘unique’ environment.

The beermakers, who have been producing alcohol at the site for 10 years, also offer tours starting and finishing at the taproom, which is earmarked to become the brewery’s shop.

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In their licensing application, which will be considered by councillors on the licensing sub-committee on Tuesday, June 15, they want to open from 9am to 10pm and sell alcohol on and off the premises between 9am and 11pm from Monday to Sunday.

They also want to play both recorded and live music indoors 12 hours a day.

While no responsible authority objected to the brewery’s plans, such as Thames Valley Police or environmental health, two angry locals were not happy with the proposals.

Slough Observer: The brewery hopes to open a tasting rooms for customers to try their freshly made beersThe brewery hopes to open a tasting rooms for customers to try their freshly made beers

Their main complaints centered around noise as the estate is adjacent to an arched railway bridge which amplifies sounds causing a disturbance to neighbours.

They fear the recorded and live music, as well as the noise from people congregating to smoke, wait for taxis, or drink their beers outside the venue late at night, will disturb their peace.

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One resident said: “Each year we have a few weeks when we have to contact the police to move on people making noise under the arches adjacent to the brewery (it is episodic as the people moved on then tend to congregate elsewhere as a result).

“As mentioned above these sounds are amplified by the arches. Having a pub at Unit 4 will make this situation worse as it will be continuous.”

On live and recorded music, they suggested the venue add a noise limiting device to cut off amplification when noise levels reach a certain decibel to limit disruption.

They added: “We do not believe it would be appropriate to grant an application to a pub in this location after 10pm on any night.

“We do not believe that is in the character of the neighbourhood to have a pub and café open here on a Sunday.”