A WATFORD man has been told to pay more than £1,000 after mould and old food was found at his 'filthy' his peri-peri chicken restaurant.

Zeshan Haque, of The Harebreaks, Watford, was told his Peri Peri Original eatery on Slough High Street breached food hygiene rules in July 2018.

Upon visiting the site, food safety inspectors found:

The floor of the premises was “broken” and in poor condition

The walls and surfaces of the premises were “filthy”, with remnants of old food, rubbish and mould on them

There was no soap, hot water or hand drying facilities at the designated wash basin

Raw meat and cooked meat were stored in a way that “risked contamination”

Dry food was stored on the floor in dirty containers.

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Mr Haque initially pleaded not guilty to five charges of failing to comply with EU provisions concerning food safety and hygiene, but later changed his pleas to guilty.

He was fined £270 for these breaches at Reading Magistrates Court on Thursday, May 6.

Here, he was also told to pay £800 in court costs and a £30 victim surcharge, meaning he was ordered to pay £1,100 altogether.

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A food hygiene score for Peri Peri Original is not accessible on the Food Standards Agency website.