VACCINE uptake among 18 to 30-year-old's in Bracknell, Wokingham and Slough is 'not as good as it can be' according to health bosses.

Frimley Health's Covid-19 vaccination lead, Sarah Bellars explained that young people are still concerned about receiving their jab due to the lack of 'information' publicly available.

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"There are still plenty of vaccines going. In Bracknell, in excess of 90 per cent of the population of one to nine cohorts (65 to vulnerable adults) have had their vaccine but there's not as good of a take up with the lower ages and it definitely isn't as good at this point as it should be", Sarah explained.

"We've noticed in particular that the younger population are wanting to have conversations before they make their decision on getting the vaccine. They're keen to understand more of the health benefits before they make their mind up. 18 to 30-year-old's want to be more informed about their health so please come forward and give us the opportunity to tell you the information. There is a jab with everyone's name on it in this country."

The success of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout has been key to ending lockdown restrictions as more people become better protected against the virus.

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Sarah explained the picture in Slough following concerns that not enough residents from ethnically diverse backgrounds have come forward for their vaccine when offered.

Ms Bellars said: "The sites have done an amazing job in Slough with an 80 per cent take up in vaccines which is brilliant, usually in diverse populations you don't see that kind of take up.

"I think the mobile pop-up sites, vaccine busses, mosques and the videos in different languages has really helped encourage people to get their vaccines - everyone has pulled together."