An abandoned Slough pub that has remained empty for more than two decades is set to reopen.

Council officers have approved plans for the refurbishment and subsequent opening of a new business on the site of the former Pied House pub, which was severely flooded over 20 years ago.

Following the flooding, the then owners abandoned the site with all vestiges of the use – physical and equipment – removed from the site.

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The owners of the site had submitted plans to refurbish, repair, and convert the site in order to provide ‘traditional food and drink to visitors'.

They said previously in planning documents that there are a number of pubs in the central Slough area and wants to attract new customers with this change as the demand for pubs has changed in the area.

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A takeaway service is also set to be offered at the refurbished former pub.

No specific details about the branding or cuisine of the new eatery have yet been released.

Another application will be submitted to the council to outline changes to the exterior of the buiding.