A man was targeted by fraudsters as he drove his car in Maidenhead earlier this week.

The pair accused him of causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage moments after he heard a loud noise at the front of his car.

On Tuesday (July 20) a man was driving on St Marks Road at 3.05pm. 

He heard a noise on the windscreen that sounded like a stone hitting it. 

About half a mile later, a large 'Jeep type' silver car drove behind the vehicle and flashed the lights and sounded the horn.

The man pulled over before the passenger of the car got out and approached the passenger side of his car.

He was accused of hitting his wing mirror whilst his car was parked and not stopping before being quoted £450 for a repair.

The car then drove off, but the passenger stayed with me, saying his colleague was just going to see his friend around the corner and would come back. 

A similar scam was reported recently in North London and Bournemouth.

Drivers are advised to be aware of the scam and report any suspicious activity to the police.