The family of a double Olympic gold medalist hope to find their beloved dog Lola who has been missing for 10 months.

Tom Dean's family hope their black Labrador Lola 'will come home' to celebrate her 'brother's gold medal wins.

His aunty Caroline Hughes has posted updates on the family's missing dog page whilst supporting Tom during the Olympics.

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She said: "First of all Tom is as devastated as all of us but as I've mentioned before we have tried to reassure him that everything is being done, with the help of Lola's army, to find her.

Slough Observer:

"I think if you have seen any of the family interviews you will get an idea of the state of mind you have to be in to do so well in your sport. He has totally devoted many years to get to this point, missing out on the "normal" teenage years but he had a goal.

"We could not possibly expect him to talk about Lola particularly if he still had races to go, his mind and the minds of all the other athletes is totally focused on getting the job done."

Tom Dean's family in Maidenhead have not given up trying to find their black Labrador whilst celebrating his incredible two gold medals

Slough Observer: Lola the Black LabradorLola the Black Labrador

In October 2020, the black Labrador disappeared from Taplow and hasn't been seen since.

Dog rescue DogsnHomes also posted about the ordeal after the family adopted Yogi Bear from them. Lola and Yogi Bear were out on a walk together when she went missing.

They have hown their support for Tom Dean bringing home two gold medals but also hope Lola will 'come back home too'.

They said: "A HUGE congratulations to Tom for taking the gold in yesterday’s race and for becoming the champion! We hope that Lola will join you to celebrate in the not so distant future.

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"Sadly Tom’s other dog, Lola, is still missing. On the morning of the 7th of October 2020 Yogi and Lola were out in the fields chasing things together (as they always did). Yogi came back, but Lola didn’t, and she hasn’t been seen since. Yogi is lost without his best friend, and we are sure that Tom and his family would love to be celebrating this incredible win with Lola by their sides.

Slough Observer: The poster for LolaThe poster for Lola

"Lola, your brother has managed to bring home an Olympic gold medal, the only thing left to come home now is you."

Join Lola's Army Facebook group here to help find Lola and keep up to date with any sightings or information. ‼️