CUSTOMERS at a drive-thru McDonald's restaurant were surprised when a woman made an order on horseback.

The scene was snapped on Wednesday at about lunchtime by a resident in Slough, who was near the McDonald's in the trading estate.

The horse rider was spotted in the drive-thru queue collecting her McDonald's order.

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It comes after Slough was officially named as the one of the most horse-friendly towns to live in.

According to research from Delamere Health, Slough landed in first place with a score of 35.5 for being a horse-friendly area.

The Berkshire town had the highest number of livery yards, with a total of 35, and one of the highest number of farriers within a 5-mile radius, with 11.

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Within the local area, there are a total of 7 horse supply shops. As well as this, Slough had one of the best air pollution measures at 73. Northampton landed in second place with a score of 34.6, followed by Luton located in Bedfordshire with a score of 34.6.

McDonald's said it is illegal for horses to be ridden in a drive-thru.

A spokesperson said: "For the health and safety of our people and our customers, we are unable to serve customers who are not in road-going motor vehicles in our Drive-thru.

"We have reminded our team in Slough of our Drive-thru policy."