The average monthly rental cost of a Slough property over the course of the last year stood at £1,214 last year.

This is according to data released by property website, who analysed the price of 468 rental properties in Slough. 

Below is a breakdown of the costs of every rental property currently on the market

  • Rent under £250 pcm - 0
  • £250 to £500 pcm rent - 8
  • £500 to £1,000 pcm rent - 221

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  • £1,000 to £2,000 pcm rent - 209
  • £2,000 to £5,000 pcm rent - 28
  • Rent over £5,000 pcm - 2

There are a total of 183 one-bedroom properties rented in Slough, with an average rent of £934 per calendar month.

Of the 158 two-bedroom properties the figure stood at £1,230 pcm, and £1661pcm for the 47 three-bedroom properties.

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The average rental for the 13 four-bedroom properties stood at £2,450 pcm. 

This figure increased slightly to £2,598 for the six five-bedroom properties.