FOR this week’s nostalgia, we will be looking back at the history of the town’s Trading Estate which celebrated its 100th anniversary last May.

During the last century, many big-name businesses and brands have situated themselves on the estate.

One of these gargantuan companies are Mars, which began its meteoric rise in Berkshire a few years before the start of the Second World War.

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The popular chocolate bar was invented by Forrest Mars Senior in his small factory on the Slough Trading Estate back in 1932.

The creation came off the back of his father’s [Frank C Mars], idea in 1923, which was the Milky Way Chocolate bar, and after a few teething problems in the company’s formative years, Mars eventually took off and within 12 months, two million Mars Bars were sold.

The popularity of the confectionary saw the company move to a larger factory near Fairlie Road were 100 people were employed and had air conditioning.

This was the start of a dynasty for the Mars family as they continue to grow the Mars Bar brand but launching the British Milky Way in 1935 (an alternative to what was created by Frank C Mars in the 1920s), along with Maltesers, which were launched in 1936.

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The company grew throughout the decades and by the 1980s, the Slough factories were producing around two million Mars Bars a day and were making annual sales of approximately £100m, and was the highest selling chocolate confectionary in the UK.

This then made Slough as the ‘chocolate capital of the world’ due to the popularity of the Mars Bar.

And even though the company are not based on the Trading Estate anymore, they are still based in the town on Dundee Road.

Another business that began life at the Trading Estate in Slough was Citroen.

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The French car manufacturer, which was founded by M. Andrew Citroen, came to Berkshire in 1925 and on July 31 that year, the tenancy of three buildings providing floor space of nearly 700,00 square feet, with an option of 60 acres of open ground, which allowed the cars to produced in to the country.