SLOUGH has plenty of chicken shops to choose from but which ones are the best?

From spicy wings to fried chicken burgers, we all love a bit of greasy comfort food from time to time.

Just step onto Slough High Street and you'll see an array of illuminated shop windows with chicken deluxe meals on offer.

Head over to Farnham Road and you won't be disappointed with the vast choice of places to get your chicken meal.

So, because the borough has so much choice when it comes to fried chicken - we thought we'd round up five of the best places according to your reviews on Google.

Slough Observer:

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1. Chicken Delite - 4.1 stars out of 385 reviews

If it's good enough for England footballer Raheem Stirling then it's good enough for the people of Slough.

This shop in Farnham Road was given top scores for having the best fried chicken, with diners raving about their tasty burgers and great customer service.

One person said: "It's all time my favourite, cheap and cheerful no doubt about it,they do the best fries ever, meal prices are very low and burgers are really great ,they do good chicken as well."

Another added: "Best chicken I've ever had and I eat from a hell of a lot of these kinds or dodgy chicken shops, but this is by far the tastiest."

2. Dixy Chicken - 4.3 stars out of 211 reviews

Chicken Delite has stiff competition from this takeaway rated as 'the best chicken shop on Farnham Road'. Who are we to say? Let the review speak for itself.

One person commented on the delicious breadcrumbs on the chicken and said: "Dixys are very generous with their breadcrumbs and are perfectly flakey with a nice spicy flavour."

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Perhaps it doesn't take top spot as one person said: "I always enjoy the food from here. Chicken burger can be a bit dry at times. Wings and chips are usually very nice"

3. Periganos - 4.1 stars out of 129 reviews

Another chicken shop rated highly for their food is this establishment in Farnham Road.

Diners have recommended the breakfasts and one person claimed it's 'better than Nandos'....

They said: "Genuinely the best chicken (like Nandos) in Slough. We have tried them all. They have 5 star health rating and the consistency is brilliant. They deliver really quickly and are friendly and helpful. Never had a rumbly tum and we use them at least 3 times a month for years. Thank u for always looking after us!"

4. Farnham Grill - 4.5 stars out of 31 reviews

Diners in Slough have raved about their grilled burgers which are 'cooked to perfection'.

Their chicken burgers have left people raving with one person who said: "Farnham grill was a amazing experience with 5* quality food and customer service. Their unique burgers are a must try and most definitely the pick of the menu. I look forward to taking my friends and family again."

5. Mr Cod Gourmet Grill - 4.1 stars out of 449 reviews

Their chicken wraps are said to be the 'best around Slough' with people raving about the food.

However, it has come fifth for a reason as it has quite a few bad reviews.

One person said: "The tables were dirty, chips were oily, the burger was very basic - not exactly ‘gourmet’ style."

But then another reviewer said: "The food is on point - From the Fish to the Chicken fillet burgers, the Peri Peri is mediocre. Staff are really not to bothered with customers."

Which chicken shop is your favourite?