A SLOUGH pub slammed for being “noisy” has retained its booze and music license despite pleas from residents.

Councillors on the licensing sub-committee convened on Wednesday, September 29, and allowed The Three Tuns pub on 124 Bath Road to keep its license – but with conditions to offset some of the noise complaints made by Aamar Rajpoot, who lives next to its car park.

Mr Rajpoot has submitted a number of noise complaints to Slough Borough Council and called for its license to be revoked or amended after being kept up at night by engines revving, anti-social behaviour, and loud noises coming from both the premises and car park for years.

He also claimed he has seen drug-taking and public urination at the pub’s car park and has felt the bass vibrations shaking his bedroom.

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Following on from his complaint, the council’s resilience and enforcement team investigated the Three Tuns pub; and the premises has been slapped with community protection notices after the owners were told on occasions to take action to secure the car park.

Mr Rajpoot showed two videos filmed both outside the pub and his property, which he moved in 2018, of the loud noises. Mr Rajpoot, who has lived in the area since 1994, also claimed has 344 videos of cases of disruptions coming from the premises.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Rajpoot said: “It’s taken me a lot of time to compile this. It’s been very strenuous and very inconvenient to me as a person, to my wellbeing.

“It has affected my sleep, my work, my personal life, my social life. I don’t have the energy to see my friends and family. So, it’s been a very difficult and problematic issue over the years.”

The marquee and the pubs car park

The marquee and the pub's car park

He also cited the situation has been “made worse” when the pub owners erected a marque, hosting late-night DJ sets. He also slammed the council’s enforcement team for taking too long to act.

Other residents, including ward Cllr Waqas Sabah, backed Mr Rajpoot’s claims of detrimental noises.

Mr Rajpoot said he tried speaking to the owners about the noise, but claimed he was told “you live next to a pub. What do you expect?”

However, the pub’s designated premises supervisor George Bhambra’s agent refuted Mr Rajpoot’s remarks and slammed him for being “wrong” and “unfair”.

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Mr Bhambra’s agent denied drug-taking has taken place at the premises and there is “no evidence” of crime and disorder.

He said: “Most of the noise and music is from cars. We do accept there have been times where there has been noise. We never said we don’t accept it. We’ve tried to put context on it. We have tried to grasp the nettle when these issues have been brought to our attention.”

The agent cited they never had any noise complaints and Mr Rajpoot, who refused offers to speak to the owners, never brought his issues to Mr Bhambra. He also said the neighbour is the only resident to formally complain to the council about the pub.

Slough Borough Council

Slough Borough Council

While an investigation was undertaken by the council, they found the noise levels not to be a statutory nuisance. However, it was disputed if the rainy weather played a part in that on the night of the readings.

Mr Bhambra’s agent also said the car park has barriers in place and is locked at night. They had a couple of incidents of rowdy behaviour in the car park but were moved on.

While a spat broke out if the music coming from the marquee was causing a disturbance, the applicant was happy to ban recorded and live music from that area.

Cllrs ultimately allowed for the pub to operate as is but added conditions to secure the car park from half an hour before closing time to 6am and to ensure CCTV is good enough quality to identify number plates.