A 22-year-old woman has been sentenced to five months in prison for attacking five women including two emergency workers.

Lydia Sharpe, of Lismore Park, Slough, was also convicted guilty of racist harassment of a police officer and damaging a TV, at East Berkshire Magistrates Court on September 24.

She assaulted two women on October 13 last year, causing one actual bodily harm, before attacking the police officer and subjecting her to racist abuse on November 24, 2020.

The next year Sharpe assaulted a woman in Slough on February 15 by beating her, damaged her TV and assaulted a detention officer in Maidenhead.

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For one count of assault by beating on February 15 Sharpe was sentenced to four months plus another two months for criminal damage on the same date.

She was sentenced to another four months for assaulting the detention officer.

For assaulting two women on October 13, including the count of ABH, Sharpe was sentenced to four months per assault.

For the racially aggravated abuse of a police officer Sharpe was sentenced to five months in prison and four months for assaulting the officer.

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The judge ordered that all her terms be served concurrently and that the total, five months, be suspended for 24 months.

The judge ordered her to participate in up to 35 days of rehabilitation appointments if so instructed by the responsible officer.

Sharpe must pay £50 compensation for the count of ABH by 22 October 2021.