A CLUB that could be kicked out of their community centre has accused the council of “underhanded” tactics amid claims the group was not consulted.

Tracey Moore, the Ivy Leaf’s secretary, said they were “unaware” of plans to relocate the centre, along with five other facilities in Holmanleaze, until a report was publicly released last week.

The papers, known as the community facilities review, eyes for the Maidenhead community users to move into a ‘purpose built’ facility in Blackamoor Lane, freeing up the space for housing and possibly community use.

There could be 30 affordable homes built on land north of the Maidenhead Mosque with a leaked report suggesting 111 homes may come forward on the Ivy Leaf site – but no decision has been made.

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The Ivy Leaf site is earmarked in the draft borough local plan for housing.

Council leader Andrew Johnson (Con: Hurley & Walthams) withdrew the report, which was published very late, at a cabinet meeting last week for it to be reviewed at a scrutiny panel.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Tracey Moore said: “The council has made no contact with us whatsoever. We were totally unaware of this just like we were when Simon Dudley made a speech at the Mosque a few years ago, saying he would make sure they got this site even though we had 27 years left on the lease.

“So again, it looks like the council is doing underhanded things again and not informing us.”


Mr Dudley made his bombshell speech at the Maidenhead Mosque

Mr Dudley made his "bombshell" speech at the Maidenhead Mosque


She added they haven’t heard from the council since 2018 when the local authority was thinking about relocating the club to the former Ten Pin Bowling Alley – but was scrapped.

Cllr Johnson said there was “difficulty” getting in contact with the Ivy Leaf, but discussions will be progressed with the members to identify what they want to happen, such as remaining on-site or relocating.

He said: “This paper really is to formalise our approach. It’s not a decision-making paper in the sense we’re definitely going to go ahead and borrow the money and build this new facility and all the rest of it.

“It’s to give us a mandate to progress those discussions because at the moment people would rightly say ‘well, you’re having these discussions but where’s the cabinet paper to support to it, where’s the governance trail, where’s the accountability?’

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“And this paper almost gives us the authority to start intensive negotiations with those groups and it also puts down what those alternative arrangements could be.”

Cllr Johnson added Mr Dudley’s “bombshell” speech at the Mosque didn’t help relations with the Ivy Leaf.