'THIS is not a restaurant booking you can move back to a different date or time'.

A coroner had scathing remarks for the mother of a schoolboy rower who hung himself after she turned up an hour-and-a-half late to his inquest.

Berkshire assistant coroner Alison McCormick was due to lead the inquest into the death of Henry Smelt, who was found dead at his Maidenhead home aged 22 in June.

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A report from the Mail Online revealed Smelt, who rowed for Windsor Boys School Boat Club, was found hanging by his mother after she returned home from work.

A full inquest into his death was due to start at 2pm today (October 11) but had to be adjourned after Smelt’s mother arrived at 3.30 pm.

Ms McCormick gathered witnesses and family members after Smelt’s mother arrived to tell them the hearing was being pushed back.

Addressing the deceased’s mother, she said her lateness was “disappointing”.

The coroner continued: “This is a statutory hearing.

“This is not a restaurant booking you can move back to a different date or time.

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“We operate a strict timetable.

“I simply cannot start to listen to this inquest at five to four.

“You should have allowed plenty of time to get here for 2pm.”

Ms McCormick also revealed Smelt’s mother went to the wrong court before arriving at Reading Town Hall, where the Coroner’s Court is located.

She continued: “It is ultimately very disrespectful to the court and to myself that you are so late.

“It is also extremely upsetting for Mr Smelt, who built himself up to have this hearing today.

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“It is not fair to him and others who will have to attend on another occasion.”

Ms McCormick told the deceased’s mother that she owed Mr Smelt an apology.

Responding, Ms Smelt apologised to the coroner and said she had been travelling from London.

The coroner set a new inquest date for November 23 at 11am.

The court is set to hear live evidence from two police officers and written evidence from a pathologist when the rescheduled hearing date comes.

Ms McCormick told the mother she “will not be waiting” if she is late again.

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Following Mr Smelt’s death in June, Windsor Boys School paid tribute to the young man.

A statement read: “The Boat Club is very saddened to hear of the passing of Old Boy Henry (Joseph) Smelt aged just 22.

“Henry just loved the Boat Club and everything it stood for. He was such a ray of sunshine when at the club, even when overcoming challenges.

“His laugh was infectious, his memory for number plates unbelievable and his character to make the inclusive and diverse club that is WBSBC. His sense of humour always made you smile!”