Two areas of Berkshire are seeing there highest ever infection rates as cases increase nationwide.

Wokingham and West Berkshire are both witnessing their highest infection rates ever as winter approaches.

The infection rate, which is calculated as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus per 100,000 people, is rocketing upwards in West Berkshire.

The area has previously seen its highest infection rate on September 5 at 487.8, along with spikes on July 19, where it stood at 400.1, and on January 4, when the infection rate hit 423.4 cases per 100,000 people.

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But now, West Berkshire’s Covid-19 infection rate has hit 905.6, its highest rate ever.

It comes as 232 confirmed cases of coronavirus were recorded on Thursday, October 21.


The picture is also stark in Wokingham, which had originally had its highest infection rate recorded on January 5, when it stood at 569.7.

Infection rates leapt significantly in Wokingham Borough this month, from 486.9 on October 10 to 618.6 on October 13.

The infection rate now stands at 703.7, in figures taken on October 20, the latest numbers available.


The Government is exploring re-introducing restrictions in an attempt to limit coronavirus infections as part of its ‘winter plan’ which officially contains two plans.

Plan A does not involve any restrictions, with the Government continuing to urge people to take tests, get vaccinated and self-isolate where required.

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Meanwhile, Plan B involves the introduction of controversial vaccine passports for access to some events and the reintroduction of the mask mandate.

There are also officially unconfirmed reports of a ‘Plan C’ that would involve introducing vaccine passports, the closure of offices to recommence homeworking and a ‘ban’ on Christmas mixing.

The infection rate for every area of Berkshire: 

West Berkshire – 905.6

Wokingham – 703.7

Reading – 588.8

Windsor and Maidenhead – 564.5

Slough – 510.1

Bracknell Forest – 504.2

Daily coronavirus cases are recorded more up to date, with the latest figures taken on October 25

So far, a total of 111,562 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Berkshire.

You can see daily figures and total figures for each area below:

Area – daily cases Oct 25 – total cases so far 

West Berkshire – 181 – 15,475

Wokingham – 142 – 18,914

Reading – 120 – 21,458

Windsor and Maidenhead – 81 – 17,660

Slough – 74 – 23,749

Bracknell Forest – 64 – 14,306

Deaths after testing positive for Covid-19 

Sadly, a total of 1,881 people have died in Berkshire after  testing positive for Covid-19.

That is according to the latest figures recorded on October 15.

Area – total deaths – latest reported deaths Oct 9-Oct 15 2021

Slough – 374 – 2

Windsor and Maidenhead – 369 – 2

Reading – 342 – 2

Wokingham – 332 – 1

West Berkshire – 266 – 0

Bracknell Forest – 198 – 0

This time last year, areas of England were placed under tiered restrictions, and on Halloween (October 31) Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that there would be second lockdown in an attempt to bring cases down, which went into effect on November 5.