A WAITROSE delivery lorry has collided into a railway bridge in Burnham.

The crash happened last night (October 28) in Station Road.

The driver was reported by Thames Valley Police for failing to read the road sign about the low bridge.

Police said there are "multiple points along the road" warning height-restricted vehicles that they cannot pass through the bridge.

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However, the delivery truck collided with the bridge.

Slough Observer: Photo by TVP Roads policing

Thames Valley Police said: "Driver was reported at scene by officers and the vehicle has been recovered."

This isn't the first time lorries have gotten stuck under the Station Road bridge.

In February 2020 a lorry got stuck and emergency services rushed to the scene.

Slough Observer:

In January 2019, a similar story happened where a lorry ignored the height restriction of a railway bridge and tried to drive under it, damaging part of the bridge.

Thames Valley Police said the lorry was 12’8” trying to get under the 12’3” bridge.