For Slough Nostalgia this week, we will continue to look at some old photos that have been kept safe in our archives.

The images in question show that life back in the 1950s and 1970s is quite similar to the 2020s, as people still like to enjoy the sunshine and sit by the river, just watching the world go by.

One of the images that caught our eye is this snap of Eton with Windsor Castle appearing in the background.

Slough Observer: Windsor Castle in the 1950sWindsor Castle in the 1950s

The photo, which was taken along the River Thames, is at least 50 years old, as it was snapped during the 1970s.

Around 20 years earlier, a photo of a man and woman rowing a boat across the Thames was taken, whilst pedestrians are making their way over the footbridge in Hurley.

Slough Observer: Enjoying a day out along the River ThamesEnjoying a day out along the River Thames

The exact year of when this was snapped is not known, but, it is believed that it was taken during the 1950s.

At around the same time in Berkshire, families were spotted enjoying a nice leisurely stroll and cycle along the Thames, whilst others were enjoying the wildlife surrounding them, along with the sunny weather.

Slough Observer: Relaxing by the riverRelaxing by the river

Keeping with the river theme, one of the images we found show many people standing along the Thames, looking at all the boats passing through the county – something that still happens in the 21st century.

Slough Observer: Boats making their way their BerkshireBoats making their way their Berkshire

The final two images show sheep eating what is alleged to be fodder in the county on a very grey day.

Slough Observer: A grey day in the county back in the 1950sA grey day in the county back in the 1950s

Slough Observer: Grazing sheep eating fodder on November 10, 1954Grazing sheep eating fodder on November 10, 1954

The final two photos were taken on November 10, 1954.