ETON College has reportedly banned Netflix series The Crown from being filmed at the premises, according to national reports.

The Daily Mail reported on how the streaming giant was barred from using the private school in Windsor as a filming location for The Crown after Netflix were accused of airing 'inaccurate' facts about the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Netflix's The Crown follows the lives of the Royal Family and political rivalries and romances during Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

The Crown's forthcoming series is set to be controversial, as it will cover Prince William's reaction to his parents' marital breakdown.

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In December last year, Netflix promoted the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words, based on audiotapes she secretly made for biographer Andrew Morton.

Its cryptic tweet stated: 'The documentary answers much of what you're asking' with a video painting Camilla in a negative light.

The tweet was met with 'anger from senior palace sources' according to the Daily Mail.

Today (December 14) the Mail said that Eton College 'doesn't want anything to do with The Crown'.

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A source at Eton College told the national media outlet "It's very much aware of the criticism of the series."

Eton College has been contacted for a comment.