A RADIO host has been suspended from his show over alleged ‘impartial’ views on the Maidenhead golf course protest.

Marlow-based River Radio, which is an independent station and covers stories across the Thames Valley, confirmed to the Local Democracy Reporting Service they have taken Wisdom Da Costa off-air while he is under investigation.

Mr Da Costa, who is also an independent Windsor councillor, hosts a one-hour show called ‘Politically Correct’ every Monday and discusses local government issues in the region with guests.

On his latest show, he was due to discuss with Maidenhead Great Park campaigners and Cllr Geoff Hill (TBF: Oldfield) about Tuesday’s protest (Dec 14) outside the Maidenhead town hall.

This protest will be the campaign group’s second gathering to urge councillors to reject the borough local plan and save the Maidenhead golf course, a 132-acre greenspace land and is earmarked in the local plan, from being developed into over 2,000 homes.

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Local democracy reporters James Bagley and James Aldridge were scheduled to talk about politics in their respective patches.

Two small clips of the pre-recorded interview with the protesters were advertised on social media a few days before Monday’s show.

However, Mr Da Costa was notified Sunday afternoon that his pre-recorded talk with the group and Cllr Hill won’t go ahead and that he is suspended until further notice after complaints were received alleging ‘impartial’ content from the interview.

River Radio is on the first floor of the Marlow post office

River Radio is on the first floor of the Marlow post office

Michael Bourton, director at River Radio, said this is an internal matter and he is gathering all the facts at this stage.

He said: “As we about to launch River Radio on DAB we will be subject to Ofcom rules and regulations. That means we must adhere to impartiality at all times.

“We take any complaint seriously and as a part of our protocol have suspended Mr Da Costa until we have all the information. We are not attributing any blame to any party at the moment, but it would be irresponsible to broadcast until we have all the facts.

“There is every possibility that the show will be broadcast at a future date once we have completed our investigation.”

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Mr Bourton added the complaints came from “more than one person” from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council but could not confirm if it was from officers or councillors.

Reacting to his suspension, Mr Da Costa said he was “disappointed” he was taken off air and it was a “very worrying” situation to see free speech suppressed.

He said: “I take great efforts to make sure I am impartial. Everyone is talking about this story (the protest), including the local papers and even the BBC are talking about this story.

“So, for me to talk about this story is hardly problematic. It’s news that everyone needs to hear about.”

He added: “I trust and hope that any investigation will clear my name from the effective mud that has been slung at me.”

After speaking to the council’s legal team, democratic services, and managing director, Mr Da Costa said officers “knew nothing” of the complaints.

He also said he was “concerned” that the complaints were “politically motivated” and from certain Royal Borough politicians in “an attempt to suppress the voices of residents”.

As this is a political matter, the council could not comment.