THE FOOTFALL in Slough town centre has gone down since many shops have closed down, now leaving them as empty units.

Businesses in the town have faced many challenges over the last 20 months after dealing with much uncertainty because of the pandemic.

During what should have been a busy shopping period last month, shoppers on Slough’s high street and in the Queensmere Observatory were nowhere to be seen.

Many shops were seen to be closed.

One shop owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said Slough used to be a destination shopping centre.

“There’s very little sense of belonging here really, nobody feels connected,” she said.

“And there’s not many community events or activities going on, people don’t do anything all together.”

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She added there’s not enough diversity of shopping for people to want to come to the town.

Explaining Slough used to have good stores, the lady said there used to be a Marks and Spencer, British Homestores and Mothercare.

She said: ”People would rather go to Uxbridge which I understand is a thriving shopping centre.”

But it seems like exciting plans are possibly in the works to make use of the empty units, thanks to HOME Slough.

Claire Giacobbe, of HOME Slough, said they are in talks with the Slough Central Team to see what can be done about the unused shops in the Queensmere Observatory.

The programme aims to create opportunities for communities in the creative arts sector.

Ms Giacobbe said: “Our idea is to maybe use the space as an arts studio for people to showcase their work.

“There’s a lot of creative people in the area, some fantastic talent, and having that performance space for these communities is what’s missing from the town.”

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She added that although there is The Curve, which has a theatre-type room, they wouldn’t be able to fill it due to its capacity.

“It’s all about making use of the spaces in the town in a better way to get that footfall in the centre of Slough,” she said.

“Visibility is happening in the town and doing something like this would mean people have a purpose to come into the centre.

“I see this as a massive opportunity for us to improve Slough, it’s about collaboration and helping each other and we want to get the best for the residents of people.”