SLOUGH folk have had their say after their town was described as a 'toilet' and voted in the top 10 worst places to live in England.

The online survey by satirical website iLiveHere, rated Slough as 9th in the 2022 list, down by 15 on the previous year.

After the Slough Observer published the story online yesterday (January 4) - you can read that here - readers have given their views on whether they agree with the ranking.

Lots of readers were unsupportive about Slough. Here are a couple of those comments:

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Gary White said: "I was born there lived there till 1973 go back occasionally to visit family. Last few times I thought I was in Southall."

Anneka Higham-Hook: "Seems fair to me. Gone right down hill it’s unrecognisable now days."

Alan Farley: "In the 60s and 70s great place to live now ruined."

Claire Watson: "Slough is a dump that only gets worse!"

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Matt Harder: "There isn’t much at all to enjoy shopping wise or hospitality wise but it has potential. Just need some real investors and a better run council plan."

Beata Ciesielska: "It's not a surprise."

Kasey Cheema: "I would hate to offend but I agree Slough is at its worst then it has ever been."

Fran Way: "Best thing about Slough is how quick you can get out of it."

Looking through the comments, we could only find negative ones. But MP Tan Dhesi was quick to come into the town's defence.

He said: "Slough has a proud past and present, and an even brighter future - with exciting plans to further improve the official youth capital of Britain, which was recently voted as the best place to live and work."