A CRACKDOWN on drink and drug drivers carried out by Thames Valley Police saw hundreds of people arrested and more than a thousand stopped over the Christmas period.

From December, 1 to January, 1, Thames Valley Police launched Operation Holly in Bucks, Berkshire and Oxfordshire aiming to enforce and educate drivers on the dangers of driving under the influence.

In Thames Valley, 383 people were arrested, 229 for drink driving and 152 for drug driving.

And 1541 breath tests were conducted, with 75 positive results.

From the 265 drug wipes that were carried out, 125 of those results were positive.

The age group with the most positive breath tests and drug wipes combined was aged 25 to 34 and 35 to 49.

Those aged 25 to 34 had the highest percentage of positive breath tests, at 37.33%, and posivite drug wipes, 36.8%.

And those who were aged between 35 to 49 saw 36% of positive breath tests, along with 29.6% resulting in positive drug wipes.

Sergeant Dave Hazlett, of the Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary Road Safety Unit, said: “These figures show that we will not tolerate drink or drug driving on the roads of the Thames Valley.

“The percentage of positive breath test results reflects what we already know – that the vast majority of road users follow the rules.

"I would like to thank everyone who drove responsibly over the festive season and helped to keep our roads safe.

“On the other hand, the percentage of positive drug wipes shows that drug driving remains an issue, across several age groups.

“Although the operation has ended, we are still policing our roads and arresting drink and drug drivers on a daily basis. Make sure you drive responsibly so your name is not added to that list.

“Our advice is clear. Drinking alcohol or taking any drug, even if prescribed, can affect your ability to drive safely - so it’s not worth the risk.”

Drink or drug driving can increase the chances of people being killed or seriously injured in a road collision.

If you know of anyone who is drink or drug driving call 999 in an emergency, 101 with information or report anonymously on Crimestoppers.