The sorting hat has placed Slough in the Harry Potter house Ravenclaw, according to new research.

Sales data on house-specific Potter merchandise obtained by online retailer Lost Universe revealed Slough prefers intelligent, wise and witty witches and wizards.

Ravenclaw was the least popular house in the UK (9 per cent), Gryffindor coming first (40 per cent) and Slytherin second (32 per cent).

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But 57 per cent of Harry Potter fans said they would want to be in Gryffindor and just 8 per cent would ask the sorting hat to put them in Slytherin, according to a YouGov poll.


According to the data, Southampton would be the capital of Ravenclaw, Birmingham the capital of Slytherin, Doncaster the capital of Gryffindor, and Sheffield the capital of Hufflepuff.

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Slough is joined in Ravenclaw by Bromley, Coventry, Croydon, Oxford, Paisley, Salisbury, Slough, Southampton, St Albans and Torquay.

Nearby Reading was placed in Slytherin.