SLOUGH’S “incensed” MP has called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign amid claims he attended a Downing Street garden party during lockdown.

Anger is growing across the country after ITV published a leaked email from the Prime Minister’s principal secretary, Martin Reynolds, inviting staff to ‘bring their own booze’ to a “socially distanced” garden party at No 10 on May 20, 2020.

This was when the UK was in a full lockdown. Rules in England banned large gatherings outdoors.

According to national reports, witnesses saw Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie among the 30 people who attended the drinks.

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This has sparked fury among Conservative and opposition MPs, as well as citizens alike, demanding answers from Mr Johnson if he attended that party.

Speaking to Bloomberg Radio, Slough’s MP Tan Dhesi said he was “absolutely incensed” and “shocked” to learn of reports accusing the Prime Minister of breaking the strict rules.

He said: “During that April/May time, for the likes of myself, I couldn’t be by the bedside of my dying grandmother in hospital. We were not allowed because those were the rules at the time.

“I could not carry my grandmother’s coffin on my shoulders. We were not there as the wider family when my fun-loving uncle was on a ventilator in hospital when he was breathing his last breath on this earth.

“When my brother-in-law’s father somehow contracted Covid, we were not allowed to be by his bedside during his final moments.

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“So, people across our country have not been able to be with their dying loved ones. Many people have endured mental health issues because of loneliness [and] were not allowed to congregate.”

He called for Mr Johnson to resign, saying it “matters to millions of people” who were locked up and made huge sacrifices in the midst of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister confirmed he did attend the garden drink party, but believed it was a "work event". He offered his "heartfelt apologies" to the House of Commons but asked for everyone to wait until the inquiry to be concluded.

An internal investigation is under way into this event as well as the other gatherings that took place at Downing Street. It is being led by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

But the Labour parliamentarian accused Mr Johnson of “hiding behind” the investigation and has called for the Metropolitan Police to investigate this matter.