A GROUP is getting ready to host its first non-litter picking event this month.

Slough’s Anti-Litter Society will welcome residents to its special market held in the Queensmere Observatory on Sunday, January 30.

Based on the Dutch ‘kleedjesmarkt’, The Slough Anti-Litter Market will have people put blankets on the floor and sell their items on it inside the old B&M store.

Organiser Tirza Meinema said she is very excited for the day.

“I think it is a great opportunity for us to get together, start the year as you mean to go on, and do something positive for Slough and for yourself,” she said.

“The more people who join, the more successful it will be.”

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She added residents should declutter their home, buy and ticket and join the market.

She said: “It a great opportunity for children to sell their toys and, of course, afterwards buy something with their self-earned money.”

Adults can sell clothes, accessories, decorations, unwanted Christmas presents and however much fits on a 5ft by 7ft space.

Mrs Meinema explained: “The aim of the market is to appreciate the value of secondhand.

“There is enough stuff in the world so let's try to avoid creating litter, come to the market and see what you can find.”

There will also be a ‘Tupperware Mix n Match’ where people can bring along any tupperware with missing or odd lids and see if they can find a match.

This draws attention to the fact that what we see as litter might still be very useful to someone else. 

British Land, landlords of Queensmere Observatory, is supporting the event by letting the society use the space for free to raise money and promote their cause.

A spokesperson from Queensmere Observatory said:

“There are numerous benefits of the society from being active outside, socialising to working together towards a common purpose and of course cleaning up Slough.

“Community is at the heart of our efforts and the Slough Central development team are also working with various Slough based charities and organisations including the DWP Job Centre recently opened in the centre.”

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The market takes place from 10.30am until 3pm.

Mrs Meinema added: “Saving money and saving the planet, what's not to like?

“On the market people can expect exciting second-hand finds and, of course, great community spirit, because that is what Slough does best.”

To find out more, visit: https://sloughantilitter.org.uk/